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May 13, 2022

Frou-frou / noun/ frou·frou

We use the word frou-frou to describe the sound made by a woman’s clothing. In most cases, the frou-frou sound refers to the sound a ruffling dress makes as a woman is walking. As a noun, we also use frou-frou to describe frilly ornamentation and embellishments added to clothing.

We see a person wearing frou-frou clothing as annoyingly overdressed and unnecessarily flamboyant. Their over-the-top clothing style makes frou-frou dressers the butt of many fashion-related jokes.

In a Sentence

She disturbed the church service by walking in late wearing a frou-frou dress.

Please dress casually. None of that “frou-frou” excess is required for the occasion.

Her ruffled “frou-frou” dress made a loud swooshing sound when she walked by.


We see the first use of the word “frou-frou” introduced in the late 18th-century. “Frou-frou” is a French word that came about in a popular play written by a French playwright. They used the word to describe a woman wearing loud or garish clothing. The definition of “frou-frou” hasn’t changed since its inception, and it carries its original meaning today.


Gaudy, Flashy


Standstill, Peace


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