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December 24, 2022

Fulsome / adjective / ful·some

The word 'fulsome' is an adjective used to describe something abundant or generous. Typically, the word relates to being “overly generous” in compliments or description so as to appear insincere or oily. Someone described as fulsome would seem smarmy or disingenuous.

In a Sentence

The host gave a fulsome description of the speaker, leaving the guests wondering if there was a history between them.

When guests visit luxurious hotels in Dubai, they always know they are in for a fulsome experience that delights and surprises them at every turn.

Her compliments, though very kind, seemed fulsome, and I was left feeling self-conscious.


The word 'fulsome' comes from the Late Latin fullōsus, meaning 'supple and luxuriant.' The suffix -ous was added to describe the resulting action or state. English speakers adopted the word fulsome into the language in the early 1800s.


Complimentary, Generous


Stingy, tightfisted


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