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August 26, 2022

Futz / verb /  fuhts

Futz is an intransitive verb used in English slang. It denotes behaviors that have to do with "slacking off" or "fooling around."

This Yiddish-derived word addresses the behaviors of people we know as slackers, dilly dalliers, and dawdlers. People who futz around waste a lot of time doing “nothing.” We see people who futz around as frivolous, annoying, and non-productive members of our society.

In a Sentence

The English teacher gets extremely upset when her students waste time and futz around in class.

People who futz around a lot are good at wasting plenty of time doing absolutely nothing.

Most slackers spend their time futzing around instead of being productive members of our society.


We first see the use of futz in our language around 1911. Etymologists say we derived the word futz from the Yiddish language. The Yiddish definition of futz means to "fart around" or waste time. The definition of the word futz has not changed its meaning since it entered our language in the early 1900s. It still denotes people who waste their own time and that of others.


Dawdle, Dilly Dally


Ignore, Abstain


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