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March 29, 2022

Geebung /jēbəNG/ noun  

Definition: The word of the day today is one that is not heard of or used very often unless you’re familiar with various plants or the ins and outs of gardening. 

Geebung is an Australian shrub or small tree that grows creamy yellow flowers, along with small green fruits.

Etymology: Geebung comes from other variations of the same word, but it is actually unclear where the word originated or why. Many think it may be from Dharug geebung and Wiradhuri jibbong, other Australian plants. 

In a Sentence

Did you see that geebung over there? The flowers on it are so beautiful, and who knew you could actually harvest their fruits!

Geebung flowers almost make me think of buttercream icing because their coloring is so smooth, and their yellow flowers match their green fruits so perfectly!

It’s hard to find geebung for sale in my area because the weather just isn’t made for those kinds of plants, so they die too quickly.


Tree, Fruits


Grass, Dead Plant

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  1. Wanda M Padilla

    That was an interesting word–“geebung.” I had not heard of this plant before.


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