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December 22, 2022


The word gizmo represents small gadgets, contraptions, or mechanical devices. Typically, the word is used as slang for a device when its actual name cannot be recalled.

In a Sentence

Her friends were jealous because she was always the first to have the latest gizmo in her technology collection since she worked at the electronics store.

Most people need to understand that their iPhone is a handy gizmo that operates as a computer, a phone, and a contact storage device.

The electronic store in the mall is known for having the latest gizmos on display before any of its nearby competitors.


The word gizmo comes from the Greek words gizu, meaning to twist or turn, and mous, meaning mouse. To the Greeks, a gizmo could be turned or twisted easily. English speakers adopted the word gizmo to represent small gadgets for daily use.


Appliance, Gadget


Nothingness, Idea


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