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October 29, 2022

Glabella / noun / gla·bel·la

The word glabella is a term we use to describe the smooth upper part of the forehead between the eyes.

We also use it to denote other parts of the body, especially any projecting parts resembling a ridge from any surface of the body — as a glabella on an abscessed tooth.

Glabella can also describe the upper lip or the fleshy prominence on either side of the mouth just in front of the nose; respectively, nasolabial folds and mandibular furrows.

Did you know that pinching the glabella helps determine someone’s hydration levels? A hydrated person’s skin will return to its normal shape after being pinched, while someone who is dehydrated will have their skin stay protruding.

In a Sentence

The woman was nervous when her doctor informed her she needed to have reconstructive surgery to repair damage to her glabella that was caused by the car accident.

Many people don't know the name for the smooth part of our upper forehead is called the glabella.

Glabella is a global anatomy term that we can use to describe many parts of the body that have smooth surfaces and protruding parts.


The word glabella first appeared in Middle English around the beginning of the 14th century. Glabella is derived from the Latin word glaber, meaning blanketed or smooth and hairless. Medical professionals use it to describe smooth parts of the anatomy.


Forehead, Frontal Bone


Hairy, Foot



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