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October 9, 2021


Definition: Smooth and unconvincing. Glib is used fairly commonly in our society, but most people don’t realize the true definition of this word. Glib can also mean breezy or careless. Glib refers to someone who is saying things that they think will impress people and make them like them, but in reality, their words are not genuine or sincere.

Etymology: The word “gli” is derived from Germanic and means to be slippery. It was first used in the 16th-century meaning having no obstacles or impediments which makes sense since we want our words to flow smoothly as possible.

In a Sentence

The politician gave a very glib answer to what seemed like an extremely difficult question.

I expected a glib ladies’ man, which he’s not. He is an introspective man with deep emotions.

I was being glib because I didn’t want to make you upset.

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  1. Adam

    What an odd word


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