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October 5, 2022

Gossamer / noun / gos·sa·mer

The word gossamer is often used as a reminder of the changing seasons and lightweight bridal veils. Gossamer can be used as a noun and an adjective in English. As a noun, a gossamer is a fine, light fabric created from spiders' webs.

When used as an adjective, gossamer describes fragile and lightweight materials used to make thread or fabric like bridal veils and similar delicate materials. A gossamer fabric can be made from various materials, including spider silk and cotton. Gossamer threads are used in sewing because they are solid but flexible; one can easily draw them through small spaces without getting tangled or stretched out.

In a Sentence

She ran face first into the gossamer hanging outside the front door.

Gossamers are a reminder of seasonal changes, and they tell us that the cooler temperatures of autumn are just around the corner.

The bride was even more excited when her stylist placed the gossamer white veil on her head just before the wedding.


The word gossamer is derived from a combination of English and Middle English words. The English words “goose” and “summer” were combined to form the new term known as “gossamer.” Etymologists suggest these words were used to depict the glossy spider webs seen in early autumn. Gossamer entered the English language sometime between the 13th and 14th centuries, representing the flimsy substances and threads left behind by spiders in the fall, but is now used to refer to fabrics light are light, delicate, and flimsy.


Cobwebby, Insubstantial


Sturdy, Substantial

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