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September 22, 2021

Definition: Concealing the true nature of something, usually in an external and physical way.   

Many understand the word “disguise” as wearing something that conceals your identity. In the classic sense, a disguise lets someone hide in plain sight. 

A guise is similar in that it deceives just like a disguise. The difference comes from the mode used to deceive and the attitude behind the deception. Someone who presents a guise usually looks for improvement and isn’t hiding from something.

Etymology: Guise is an old Germanic word that moved over to Old French and then Old English. In the 13th century, the Germanic form described the style or fashion of attire.  

In a Sentence

The woman presented a guise of stoic confidence as she approached the Judge and the other waiting attorney’s for a sidebar. She knew it would be an uphill battle to convince her colleagues her guise was meaningful.

Art thieves gained access to the vault with clever guises. They used museum security uniforms and acted like they were just there doing their usual jobs.

Some people who belong to race-baited supremacist groups have a distorted view of the world that seems more like a guise than an ideology. Under the guise of nationalism, these views can lead to systemic racism.


Pretext, Mask


Genuineness, Sincerity


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