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September 5, 2022

Haboob / noun / ha·boob

A haboob is a squall of wind or rain, especially a severe one that forms after a storm. Haboobs are a type of an atmospheric vortex that forms when hot air rises over a cold body of water.

We also use the word haboob to describe incidents in which strong winds or storms badly affected people. A haboob can cause injuries and destruction, especially if it forms in an open area. They often form during extreme weather, such as hurricanes or tornadoes.

In a Sentence

The haboob that formed because of the combined hot and cold weather systems in the area caused extensive damage.

The haboob caused millions of dollars' worth of property damage when it formed from the high winds blowing along the coastline.

The Weather Channel issued a severe weather alert that warned viewers in the area to take cover and stay away from doors and windows during the haboob.


The word haboob appears to have entered the English language in the early to mid-1900s. English speakers derived it from Arabic words that represented violent sandstorms and dust storms. The newly formed word means a huge or violent windstorm and the second word means an entrance, or a way into something.

We started using haboob in the 1900s to describe violent wind storms spawned by hurricanes and tornadoes. The definition of haboob hasn't changed since we started using it this way in the mid-1900s.


Dust Storm, Sandstorm


Peace, Calmness


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