December 25, 2021

Haptic /haptɪk/ noun, adj.

Definition: As an adjective, haptic relates to the sense of touch. In most cases, it refers mainly to perceiving and manipulating objects using our proprioception or senses of physical contact.

As a noun, haptic refers to applying technology for particularly stimulating the senses of motion and touch. This technology application primarily aims at reproducing the sensations that a user will feel during direct interaction with physical devices in a computer simulation or remote operation.

Etymology: The term haptic originated from the Greek word haptesthai, which means touch. In the late 19th century, this word entered the English medical world as a synonym for ‘tactile.’ The word developed a psychological sense in the mid-20th century. It described individuals who primarily depended on touch to perceive objects instead of sight.

In a Sentence

Did you know that haptic feedback gadgets generate substance and force illusions within the virtual space?

We are focusing our research on human-computer interactions, with more of our attention going to haptics, wearable computing, and video gaming.

Haptics is a subsystem of non-verbal communication which primarily focuses on conveying meaning through touch.


Tactile, Force-Feedback


Study of Verbal Communication, Communication With Language

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