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October 28, 2022

Headlong /adverb/head ·long

The descriptive word headlong means plunging into something head-on or acting impulsively without considering the consequences. Headlong is used to describe reckless behaviors that can end up having disastrous consequences.  Headlong is rarely used positively; the word typically describes situations where hasty actions have resulted in problems.

In a Sentence

I was heading into the office headlong, determined to get my work done — once I got there, I realized that would be impossible – the desk was already cluttered with papers and files.

Headlong can also refer to a rush of energy or enthusiasm, which can be helpful in certain situations and lead us astray from our goals.


The word "headlong" comes from the Old English word heafodleg, meaning "the head or front part of a body.” The term was initially applied to the actions of falling or downward movement only. However, today headlong can be used as a description for any action completed without thought or hesitancy.


Rushing, Enthusiastic


Sluggishness, Apathy


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