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October 31, 2021

Hedonist /hɛdənɪst / noun, adj. 

Definition:  The word Hedonist refers to a person who tries to make the most out of pleasure to minimize pain. Hedonists relieve their stress by indulging in pleasurable activities, an act that is called hedonism. Hedonism has proved to be an effective intervention for depression.

The word Hedonist becomes hedonic when used as an adjective. Hedonic can relate to pleasure or reliably pursue pleasure.

Etymology: The word Hedonist was created at the Cyrenaic school of philosophy in 1806. This school of philosophy specializes in the ethics of pleasure. Hedonist has a Greek origin. Greek hedone means pleasure, delight, and enjoyment. Delight is associated with to hēdys “sweet” and cognate with Latin suavis, from PIE *swad-ona, suffixed form of root *swad- “sweet, pleasant.” The word means one that regards pleasure as the primary goal of life. Therefore, a hedonist follows an ethical system whereby some pleasure ranks as the highest good. The Hedonistic identifies this desire with the practice of virtue.

In a Sentence

She is a star beautician and a self-proclaimed hedonist.

Your main character traits are those that let you achieve true happiness instead of hedonic pleasure.

Some psychologists have suggested theories to explain the change in behavior that happens when hedonic events accompany behavior.


Decadent, Sybarite, Debauchee, Voluptuary


Killjoy, Straight-arrow, Wet blanket, Prude


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