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April 23, 2022

Heyday /ha·day / noun

Definition: The word “heyday” is a noun that has a two-part definition. In the first sense, “heyday” describes the best and most memorable period in someone’s life. When people think of their “heyday” they remember the best times in their lives when they were on top of their game and prosperous. 

Many people refer to their “heyday” as specific time periods or events in their youth when they felt confident and popular. In the second sense, “heyday” is used as an archaic exclamation of joy, happiness, or excitement. Etymologists say the archaic version was the first version of the word we used.


We derive the word “heyday” from the irregular form of the Middle English word ‘hey.’ The first known use of “heyday” shows up in the 15th century around 1521. In the 16th century, they changed how they used the term. They used the word as “hey-day” to denote playfulness, cheerfulness, and surprise. We find the first recorded use of the word with an updated definition in the 17th century, when it took on its current meaning.

In a Sentence

The women’s group talked about the accomplishments they made back in their heyday.

He reminisced with his grandchildren about his heyday as a high school football star.

Back in their heyday, Sears and Kmart were some of the most popular stores around.


Prime, Salad Days


Low Point, Depression


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