March 31, 2022

Hoecake /jēbəNG/ noun  

Definition: Hoecakes are flatbread pancakes that are typically made with a mixture of cornmeal, water and salt. 

Etymology:  This food item actually obtained its name because of how it was cooked, which was on the flat of a hoe over an open fire. This is a distinctly American dish that originated with Native Americans but was then utilized by both slaves and settlers alike.

In a Sentence

I love having hoecakes for dinner, especially with turkey sandwiches or hoagies, because they go really well together.

George Washington loved having hoecakes with honey. 

Did you grow up eating hoecakes? Because if not, you were really missing out, and maybe you should come over for breakfast sometime to try one!


Cornbread, Pancake


Vegetable, Meat


  1. Jerry White

    I am 73 now and I can remember every Friday night we had corn cakes (hoecakes) with fish and fried potatoes. We used the yellow flour cornmeal.

  2. Charles

    My mom called it corn meal mush which was sliced and fried. With butter and syrup yum 🤤

  3. Jo Beth McGilbra

    I grew up eating them in Mississippi.
    They are great with all of the vegetables that Mississippians


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