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September 20, 2022

Huzzah / Interjection / huz·zah

Huzzah is a cheer or exclamation used as an expression of joy, approval, or excitement. English speakers use the word huzzah as an interjection to denote delight and happiness. Someone yelling huzzah is experiencing happiness or joy at the moment.

Huzzah is actually considered an obsolete word, however. More commonly, we use words like hooray, hurrah, and yippee in place of huzzah.

In a Sentence

The entire college football team yelled “huzzah” in unison when they realized their quarterback scored the winning touchdown and won the championship for the team.

It is not uncommon for traders on the floor at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange to yell “huzzah” when their stock prices dramatically increase just before the market closes for the day.

If you hear someone yelling "huzzah," it is probably because they are happy or excited about something.


Huzzah first appeared in our language in the late 1500s, around 1570. Sailors used it as an exclamation when they reached land, completed a complex task, or at the end of a successful voyage. Later in the 1680s, English speakers used huzzah as a verbal exclamation to denote happiness and approval. We now deem the word huzzah as an archaic exclamation that English speakers still use occasionally, mostly in jest, today to express joy and delight.


Whoopee, Yahoo


Boo, Hiss


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