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November 20, 2021

Idyllic /ī-ˈdi-lik / adj. 

Definition: The word idyllic can have two different meanings, depending on the way it is used. Both are related in meaning and use.

First, idyllic means pleasing or picturesque in natural simplicity. It is used to describe places and people and sometimes is more generally simply meant to indicate that something is happy or peaceful.

The second meaning of the word has to do with something relating to or being idyll. This related noun generally refers to poetry of a pastoral or peaceful nature. It can also refer to a brief romantic interlude.

Etymology: Idyllic began being used in the 1600s and has many sources. The root “idyll” comes from the French idylle, the Latin idyllium and the Greek eidyllion. In each of these languages, the word is used to describe “a short, pastoral poem.” The -ic ending is used to turn a noun into an adjective in many languages and means “related to.”

In a Sentence

She had a simple, idyllic childhood on the farm.

The scene outside his window was idyllic: a view of the sun setting over the lake, the ducks settling in for the evening.

Once she realized all the work required as a teacher, she found it was not quite the idyllic occupation she had imagined.


Picturesque, Peaceful, Rustic


Hellish, Urban


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