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August 30, 2022

Ignoramus / noun / ig·no·ra·mus

We define an ignoramus as someone who does not have a lot of knowledge in a particular area. In English, we also use ignoramus for people we see as unintelligent, fool-like, or half-witted.

Someone being called an ignoramus is being insulted. This negative noun represents ignorance and stupidity. Intelligence and informed are characteristics of people who are the opposite of ignoramuses.

The word ignoramus depicts the characteristics and behavior of "one" person. Therefore, a group of people with the same characteristics would be called "ignoramuses."

In a Sentence

Don't pay any attention to that loud-talking ignoramus. He doesn't know what he is talking about and always gets people in trouble with his lies!

You must think I am an ignoramus if you want me to believe that story!

I wouldn't recommend taking that ignoramus to any important business meetings — unless you want to be embarrassed or end up losing your job!


We derived the word ignoramus from a combination of Latin and English words in the 16th century.  The Latin word ignorare – meaning "we do not know," was combined with the English word ignore to form ignoramus. The definition of ignoramus has always depicted a person others see as foolish or stupid.

In the late 16th century, someone named an ignoramus could be proven as such in court. Today, we still use the word to depict people we see as stupid or intelligent.


Fool, Halfwit


Intellectual, Scholar

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  1. Gary Schelvan

    Great word for the present state of affairs. Unfortunately, Washington DC is crammed full of ignoramuses. 😢


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