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Indefinite Quantity

January 27, 2022

Indefinite Quantity / in·def·i·nite quan·ti·ty / noun

Definition: Indefinite quantity is a rarely used term that can represent a wide variety of weights and measures. An indefinite quantity refers to an estimated quantity. It relates to how much there is of something that can be “quantified” or counted. It can also represent capacity, gain, container fulls, limitations or limits. 

The term is used to reference unknown amounts in government contracting, mathematics, computer science, medical practice, machines, and factory equipment. It can also represent values for gallons, dosage, spillage.

Etymology: The etymology of the term indefinite quantity is based on the combination of two words – indefinite and quantity. The first known use of indefinite is Latin in the 1520s as indefinitus. Quantity shows up in a wide variety of first languages. In Latin, they originally represented quantity as quantas or quantitas. They represented it in Old French as quantile and in Middle English as quantity.

In a Sentence

The hospital ordered an indefinite quantity of masks for COVID.

The computer calculated the answer to the math problem as an indefinite quantity.

They estimated the amount of spillage from the oil spill to be an indefinite quantity.


Unclear, Vague, Inexplicit


Definite Quantity, Restricted Quantity, Limited Quantity


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