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November 25, 2022

Infinitesimal / adjective / in·fin·i·tes·i·mal

Infinitesimal is an adjective used in English to describe abnormally small quantities or tiny objects. An infinitesimal amount cannot be measured with any precision. Infinitesimal things are unusually small or even microscopic in size. In many cases, something described as infinitesimal cannot be seen or perceived with the naked eye and requires scientific tools and scopes to see.

In a Sentence

I couldn't believe she was spending so much time on such an infinitesimal detail that didn't matter.

The debate over the impeachment of President Trump has turned into a series of petty, infinitesimal arguments between political parties and supporters.

The amount of money I lent him was an infinitesimal fraction of his total wealth, and I wonder why he needed a loan in the first place!


Etymologists say that English speakers derived the word infinitesimal from the Latin word infinitesimus, which means "most infinite." The term was first introduced into English in 1656 by the philosopher and scientist Robert Boyle. We still use infinitesimal today to describe nanoscopic, microscopic, or minute objects that cannot be seen or perceived with the naked eye.


Microscopic, Atomic


Colossal, Astronomical


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