December 31, 2022

Jalopy/ noun/ juh-lah-pee

A jalopy is a dilapidated old vehicle, much like an automobile. This kind of car typically doesn't run smoothly owing to its age and run-down nature. You wouldn't call a recently bought, well-maintained car a jalopy.

Jalopy is often used as an insult for cars looking run down, beat up and falling apart from neglect. These cars may have been coveted machines once upon a time but

In A Sentence

They were pleasantly surprised when the jalopy in the barn started.

His parents gifted him a raggedy jalopy for his first car.

We packed a few belongings, stored the rest in our barrack, and left our Carcachita, our old jalopy, locked and parked in front.


Although its origins are not very well known, the word jalopy was first publicly used in 1924. Its origin is probably from the Mexican word Jalapa, where scrap metal and used cars were sent off to in the 1920s. Most of the junk sent to Jalapa, Mexico, was from New Orleans.


Clunker, Junker, Beater


Hot Rod, Beemer, New Ride


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