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October 7, 2021


Definition: You can use the word jejune to describe something that is insignificant or boring to others. For example, some people might think romance novels are jejune, but avid readers keep the books in business. Jejune also describes something that is infantile or simplistic or lacking in substance. If something is jejune, it would be seen as figuratively empty.

Etymology: Jejune is a 17th-century Latin word used to describe fasting or barrenness. The original sense was without food, thereby being not intellectually nutritious.

In a Sentence

Mr. Holmes has such antiquated ideas about dancing…he is so jejune. His ideas will make the prom so dull.

The millionaire couple would not eat the jejune meal of hot dogs, macaroni salad and tater tots.

The angry teacher made an incorrect and rather jejune generalization that all of the students were lazy and unruly and that they never do any work.

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  1. Surinder Mehta

    The debate witnessed an abysmal lack of enthusiasm and intellectual content : it was jejune !


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