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December 28, 2022

Jibe/noun, verb/jīb

Jibe, sometimes spelled gibe in the UK, means to be in accord or agreement with something. It can also mean uttering taunting words to tease the listener. In some instances, the word jibe can be used as an insult or an aggressive remark directed towards someone.

In the sailing world, the word can describe sudden shifting from one side to the other. It is also used to describe the captain's action when he changes the course of a vessel when sailing with the wind.

In A Sentence

The banks are fed up with the constant jibe that it has no clear investment strategy.

Matthias walked onwards, ignoring the cruel jibes of the owl, through the farmyard and across the grassland, not stopping until he arrived at the fringe of Moss flower Wood.

Thomas told me that he wasn't available, but that doesn't jibe with what he told Sam.


We first started using the word jibe in America sometime between 1805-1815. The word originated in 1685 from the Dutch word gijben, which means "of obscure origin." The word was immediately confused with the word jive, which refers to a lively style of dance or taunting.  


Conform, Correspond, Dovetail


Negate, Contradict, Disagree


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