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September 4, 2021


An expensive vacation or celebration, especially one taken by a government figure on the taxpayer’s money.

Attend or be a part of a celebration or trip that is paid for by the government.

Etymology: Late Middle English: from Old French ‘jonquette,’ from ‘jonc,’ from Latin ‘juncus,’ tomean, “Rush basket.”

The phrase was originally used to refer to a rush basket, particularly one for fish (and is still used in dialect), but it was also used to refer to a cream cheese that was formerly prepared in a rush basket or eaten on a rush mat. Junket then came from a later expanded meaning of the word, which meant “feast, merrymaking.”

In a Sentence

The president junketed off to the golf club for a golf match yesterday.

Junket is a sweetened milk-based delicacy prepared with rennet, a digestive enzyme that curdles milk. The dish is also known as curds with whey in certain older cookbooks.

After dinner, our mother usually serves us a plate of junket for dessert.

The congress junketed to the Bahamas as soon as their meeting was over.


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