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September 25, 2021

Definition:  It is the power and right to exercise power or make legal judgments and decisions.

In law, it is defined as the territory within which law or power can get exercised. As per the case and location, it is the authority given to a legal body to exercise power or administer justice. The range or extent of power, authority, or law enforcement

Etymology: The word jurisdiction was first used in the 14th century as jurediction and jurisdiccioun, among others. It originated from the word Juridicion in old French and jurisdiction in Modern French. It is also directly from the Latin word jurisdictionem, which means administration of justice. This is from the phrase iurius diction, which is genitive of ius, meaning law or right.

It was used to mean the range or extent of administrative authority over which a judicial or legal authority extents in the late 14c. In the early 15c, it meant judicial power and the right to enforce and make laws.

In a Sentence

It is within the police jurisdiction to interview and arrest criminals in the state.

All deserts to the southwest are his jurisdiction. 

He has jurisdiction over all tax measures.


Power, Authority, Dominion


Powerlessness, Surrender


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