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August 29, 2021


Karma is an action word, and it means what goes around comes around. Karma is the concept of cause and effect. It generally means the sum of a person’s action. Depending on how someone interprets karma, it can have positive or negative connotations.

Adjective — Karmic

Adverb — Karmically

Etymology: Karma is a Sanskrit word that means “action, work” and “fate, destiny.” In Hindu traditions, people believe karma to be the sum of an individual’s actions and the spiritual consequences that result from those actions. Karma leads to both good and bad outcomes, some of which are immediate, while others come later.

People also use karma in Buddhist culture as many believe it is the cause of experiences throughout life. In this context, karma means an individual’s current life situation or set of circumstances that one can alter by their future actions.

In a Sentence

She also has to pay for the karma she has created.

If you don’t see anything wrong with his actions, you may need to check your karma.

Letting go of the anger is one way of reversing the karma someone else created.


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