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August 23, 2021

Definition: The range of perception. In old English, the word Ken means recognize. In many instances, the word Ken refers to an individual’s range of understanding or knowledge.

Etymology: Ken is a word that exists in Scottish and northern England dialects. In Middle English, Kennen means making known or giving instructions. From old English, cennan means make known or acknowledge. In late Old English, the word originally refers to cause to know “causative of cunnan.” Cognate with German, kennen, Danish kjende, Swedish känna. All these words relate to Kenned, kenning.

In a Sentence

The scarce Ken about the subject creates the need for research.

Her omniscient Ken on flight attendance made her employable.

The information she was handling was beyond her Ken, so she had to quit investigating.


Idea, Acumen, Concept, Insight, Knowledge


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