September 21, 2021

Definition:  A lattice is a grid of bars, rods or lines. It can be open or closed in this context; it consists of intersecting members and can be three-dimensional in nature (see arches). The individual parts may be straight or curved.

In science, a lattice is characterized by repeating units that are joined together. Lattices can be seen in crystals, liquids, lattice gases, and even soap bubbles. 

Etymology: Lattice comes to us from Latin lattīx, which in turn probably came from a Proto-Indo-European root that means “bend.” 

In science, lattices were first discovered by Michael Faraday and are a lattice characterized with regular units that are joined together to form a lattice.

In a Sentence

A latticework wooden fence runs the length of the front yard.

The lattice is fine, but it doesn’t provide much protection from intruders. 

A latticed balcony has been added to the old house.


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