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June 18, 2022

Limburger / noun / Lim·burg·er

We use the word "Limburger" as a noun to describe a soft cheese with a pungent smell. "Limburger cheese" was first made in a town in Northern Belgium in the early 1800s. The bacteria called ‘Brevibacterium linens' in this world-famous cheese are responsible for its signature pungent smell. The texture and pungency of Limburger cheese change. It starts out with a soft crumbly texture reminiscent of feta cheese. Over time, Limburger takes on a smoother texture.

In a Sentence

The students went on a field trip that included a tour of the factory where they make Limburger cheese.

We famously know Limburger cheese for its uniquely pungent smell and smooth texture around the world.

Some people enjoy ripened Limburger cheese as a smooth spread for bread and crackers.


The word "Limburger" has been in use as it refers to the famously pungent cheese since the early 1800s, around 1817. This pungent and creamy textured cheese was first made in a town in the province of Northeast Belgium with a German name. "Limburger cheese" was first made in a town called ‘Liege,’ famously named for a lime tree. As a spread or on sandwiches, Limburger cheese is a soft and stinky cheese.


Cheese, Liederkranz, Italian Taleggio


Flour, Nuts, Fruits

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  1. Charles Getter

    Where can I buy Limburger cheese in the spread stores in Texas doesn’t not have it


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