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November 22, 2022

Limn / verb / lim

The word limn is a verb that has various meanings. Most frequently, limn refers to the act of portraying or representing something through the creation of art. It can also refer to the specific acts of painting on a surface or illuminating an object with light. Finally, the verb limn can also be used to describe the process of outlining an object in great detail in order to “illuminate” a portion of the work.

In a Sentence

The moon's light limned the water in a silvery light that made the lake appear as if it were glowing in the darkness.

After sunset, the limning cityscape emerged from behind the veil of clouds and cast golden reflections on the towering skyscrapers that loomed over the Great Lakes and the city of Chicago.

The moon was so bright that I could see my reflection in the limn cast on the water.


The word limn comes from the Latin verb lumen, meaning “light.” It also has historical links to the Middle English word luminen and the Old French luminer representing bright lights and radiant energy.


Light, Glow




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