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October 8, 2022

Limpid/ adjective / lim·​pid

The word limpid is an adjective used in English to describe things that are marked by transparency and completely clear from obstructions. It can also be used to describe people who feel completely free from distress or troubles. Limpid is most often used to describe clear waters and skies.

In a Sentence

They were happy to be disconnected from the hustle and bustle of the city as they cruised peacefully down the limpid waterways.

Staring into the limpid waters of the Gulf of Mexico is one of her favorite pastimes for soothing stress.

The flower floated silently atop the limpid stream on its way to an unknown destination.


We derived the word limpid from a combination of French, Latin, and Spanish words. The French used it after 1600 as limpide. Later, Latins used the word limpidus, to describe something clear and transparent. In Spanish, the word limpid was "lymph," meaning clear liquid. English speakers started using the word limpid after the 16th century.


Clear, Pellucid


Opaque, Muddy


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