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November 28, 2021

Litany  /kəˈprēSHəs/ adj. 

Definition: 1. A litany is a prayer comprising a string of supplications and invocations by a spiritual leader followed by the congregating uttering responses. It’s a ceremonial form of prayer consisting of several invocations with almost similar responses in succession.

2. It is also a repetitive or resonant chat.

3. It can be a long list of repeated unpleasant things—a prolonged tedious account of something.

4. It can also be a sizable set or series (a litany of issues).

Litany is used contextually, for example, to a deity or another person when listing, beseeching, begging, or complaining.

Etymology: Litany originated from Late Latin and Anglo-French and ultimately derived from litaneia, a Greek word meaning ‘entreaty’. The first usage of the word can be dated back to the 13th Century.

In a Sentence

The hardware owner recently received a litany of complaints from dissatisfied clients who vowed to sue.

The litany of safety concerns facing the local community was front and center during the monthly town hall meeting.

Greg blames the team’s bad reputation on a litany of doping allegations and cases.


Recital, Enumeration


Condemnation, Disorganization


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