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November 30, 2022


The word lollygag is a verb that refers to the action of dawdling or wasting time. Lollygagging can also refer to intentionally fooling around and avoiding necessary tasks to the detriment of oneself or others.

In a Sentence

The lazy students from upstate universities and colleges love to lollygag in Central Square.

His team failed to qualify for the upcoming tournament because most players lollygag during practice.

Although Spencer likes to lollygag, she always completes her job on time.


The word lollygag is a slang term meaning "to dawdle" that originated in the 19th century. Originally, the word was spelled "lallygag" and was more used as an expression for couples showing affection or engaging in the act of lovemaking. Nowadays, lollygagging rarely refers to lovemaking and more reflects the action of moving slowly or without purpose. Did you know that in 1946, "lallygag" appeared on the list of prohibited activities for Naval sailors? The United States Naval Captain considered "cuddling and lallygagging" a violation of naval discipline!


Dawdle, Procrastinate.


Hurry, Hasten


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