April 14, 2022

Lollygag /lale-gag/ verb

Definition:  (v.) spend time aimlessly; idle. The word of the day today is one that we all probably remember hearing our grandparents use when we were growing up and is actually pretty fun/funny to say: lollygag.

Etymology: The word lollygag is said to have originally started making its appearance in the mid 19th century, but the actual origin of the word is unknown. Another variant of the word is lallygag, and both versions of this word appear to have popped up around 1862 in American English, originally created to mean to waste time or dilly-dally.

In a Sentence

I often lollygag on the days that I don’t work since I don’t have any other time-pressing matters.

Do you ever just lollygag through the aquarium or the zoo to find your peace? They’re both great places for your mental health!

Did you lollygag through the beach yet? It’s great for sightseeing!


Drag, Creep


Rush, Speed


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