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November 2, 2022

Maelstrom / noun / mālˌstrəm

A maelstrom is a powerful, swirling vortex of water or air that can be extremely dangerous. It is also known as a whirlpool and sucks objects towards it like a sponge.

Because of this, maelstroms are often associated with death, destruction, and chaos. They can form in any body of water, including rivers and oceans. They are most commonly found near the shoreline, where they take on an especially violent appearance due to the flow of waves crashing against each other.

Because these vortices have such destructive potential, caution should always be exercised when near them, no matter how tempting it might seem to venture closer for a closer look.

In a Sentence

The turbulent water created a maelstrom that quickly swept Jeremy into the depths.

The swirling water in the maelstrom was causing the boat to flip over.

The waves were crashing against the shoreline, creating a powerful maelstrom that sucked Patrick and his boat toward it.


The word maelstrom is derived from the Old Norse word maðr, meaning man. This term was used to describe a turbulent area of water or air that was difficult to navigate and caused great harm or destruction.


Whirlpool, Vortex, Eddy


Motionless, Calm, Peaceful










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