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September 19, 2021

Definition:  A general feeling of a lack of health indicative of or accompanying the onset of an illness or having no energy.

An uneasy feeling that something is wrong, especially with society, and that you cannot alter the situation.

A vague sense of mental or moral ill-being. 

Etymology: The word malaise tracks back to the Old French word, ‘mal,’ meaning ‘bad.’ It went on to be a significant addition to the English language since the mid-18th century when President Jimmy Carter delivered what was known as the malaise speech, where he described the U.S nation as facing a “crisis of confidence” and a widespread notion of “paralysis and stagnation and drift.” 

To this day, that speech remains an authentic example of the meaning of malaise.

In a Sentence

Dorothy had an inkling that she was getting sick because of the malaise she had been experiencing for a number of days.

We were in a very lengthy discussion about how to handle the roots of the present economic malaise.

Persons that suffer from infectious diseases often report acute difficulties with concentration and a level of malaise.


Uneasiness, Despondency


Well-being, Comfort

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  1. Bruce

    So, when you finally learn that Mayo has an inordinate amount of fat among its ingredients, and that knowledge depresses you, that would be…eh….wait for it….

    “Mayonnaise Malaise?”


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