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August 25, 2021

Misnomer- /mɪsˈnəʊmə/– Noun

Definition: Refers to a wrong or false name or designation. The word can also mean the wrong or inaccurate use of a term. For instance, the word morning sickness is a misnomer as expectant women experience nausea during all times of the day—not just the morning.

Here is another example of a Misnomer/ giving the wrong name for a person or an animal. Telling a child that a Tiger is a Giraffe is a Misnomer.

Etymology: Misnomer is a word that originates from the Old French Misnomer. The term Misnomer meant naming wrongly. The original word is nomer that comes from Latin nominare, whose meaning is to nominate. The prefix mis refers to “wrong” or “bad.” A similar prefix is usually seen in words like mistaking, misplacing, misunderstanding and misusing.

In a Sentence

It is a bit misnomer to call a parking area a driveway as you do not drive on it; you park on it.

Chinese Checker is a misnomer as the game does not have any relationship with China but the USA.


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