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November 8, 2022

Nabob / noun / na·bob

Nabobs, or nouveaux riches, are people who have made a fortune through economic growth or market fluctuations. They typically enjoy higher levels of luxury than average individuals. This term is most often used to describe those living in countries that experienced rapid economic development in the late 1800s and early 1900s, including Britain and the United States.

These nations were able to amass great wealth rapidly due to their technological advancements, growing industry, expanding trade opportunities overseas, and favorable political climates.

In a Sentence

I grew up in a middle-class family, but now I'm a nabob thanks to the stock market crash!

After years of hard work, my husband has finally become a nabob.

I was surprised to learn that my new boss is a nabob from America.


Nabob is commonly associated with the British Empire and specifically refers to a wealthy man or woman from colonial India. The term originally referred to those who received large sums of money from the East India Company in exchange for commodities such as opium. Eventually, it came to refer to anyone who became very rich during that time period.


Big shot, Honcho


Lightweight, Nobody


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