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December 23, 2022


The term nagware refers to a free trial of computer software that frequently reminds the customer on their screen of when their “free trial period” is going to end and prompts them to register and pay for the program for continued use.


The word nagware combines the word nag, meaning to annoy or irritate, and the word ware, which is a suffix commonly combined with another word to describe a computer product.. Nagware is an informal term associated with technology designed to persuade a consumer to purchase a product. The origin date for this term, however, is unclear.

In a Sentence

  1. Oftentimes, antivirus software ends up just being nagware, leading to many people neglecting to secure their devices because they are annoyed by the pestering.
  2. Nagware can sometimes slow down your computer, so it's best to be careful which programs you choose to install.
  3. I honestly don't know why nagware exists- it is apparently meant to protect and enhance your device, but it often just slows it down!


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