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August 29, 2022

Nainsook / noun / nain·sook

We use the word nainsook as a noun to describe a type of cotton twill fabric usually found in white. Nainsook is a type of cotton fabric that also goes by the name "muslin" or cotton muslin. This popular fabric is a heavy-weight, sturdy fabric made from two types of yarn twisted together.

They designed nainsook with an intricate design, making it a popular choice for clothing manufacturers and designers. For example, women and children's clothing manufacturers in the US use Nainsook to create silky lingerie and infant wear.

In a Sentence

The clothing buyer ordered a larger quantity of Nainsook than usual because of the high demand in the women's and children's departments.

Nainsook is a popular fabric choice for clothing manufacturers worldwide.

It may surprise you to learn how baby clothes are made from Nainsook!


Nainsook entered our language as a form of the Hindu and Urdu word nainsukh, which means "eye's delight."

We started using Nainsook as a noun to describe eye-pleasing fabrics South Asian baby clothing designers used in 1790. Later, we expanded the definition to include the fabric used to manufacture women's lingerie.

Today, we still use Nainsook with its latest definition to reference women's lingerie and baby clothing made from this South Asian sourced fabric.


Cloth, Fabric


Textile, Fiber


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