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December 28, 2021

Nirvana / nirˈvänə / noun

Definition: Nirvana is a religious description of a specific state of mind. For example, in Hinduism, Nirvana is a mystical state without desire or suffering. Without a sense of self, the believer isn’t influenced by karma. These specific religious connotations aside, nirvana is widely used in pop culture.

Nirvana is also the name of a nineties-era rock band. Ironically, the lead singer committed suicide. The band’s name, however, probably comes from a description of what it feels like to hear Nirvana’s songs. In a place of comfort and peace, you’ll find nirvana.

Etymology: Nirvana comes from a combination of Sanskrit words. The word nis means “out” and nirva means “be extinguished.”

In a Sentence

Since the young woman’s tenth birthday, when she learned about Hinduism and reaching nirvana, she has done nothing else but study for the day when she felt its peace.

As with any period representative band, the rock band Nirvana had several radio hits that seemed to defy any music reasoning.

Having finally reached what he believed to be his nirvana, the old man sat down with a contented look on his face and then began rocking back and forth to what seemed like a chant.


Oblivious, Forgetfulness


Dystopia, Misery


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