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June 25, 2022

Noctambulist / noun / noct·​am·​bu·​list

We use the word "noctambulist" as another way of saying 'sleepwalker'. Noctambulist is a noun that describes people walking around while appearing to be asleep. Noctambulists perform complex tasks while teetering between a state of wakefulness and deep sleep. Sleepwalking is a medical condition that is often studied by doctors in sleep studies. Medical professionals consider sleepwalking as a behavior disorder or a sleep disorder. Sleepwalking can have a severe impact on the quality of life for noctambulists. Doctors say we should closely monitor sleepwalkers and noctambulists as they can walk around completely unaware of their behaviors while asleep. People who sleepwalk can appear to be fully awake, as their eyes are often open with a glazed stare.

In a Sentence

The noctambulist checked into the hospital to take part in an overnight sleep study.

It shocked her when her family doctor diagnosed her as a noctambulist.

Constant mistakes on the job make me wonder if my co-worker is a noctambulist?


Noctambulist entered the language around the mid-17th century after 1754. They introduced it into language as a form of the New Latin word noctambulus, meaning "sleepwalker." Noctambulist also has ties to the Latin words –noct and nox, representing definitions of the word "night." The definition of the word hasn't changed since we first started using it in the mid-17th century.


Sleepwalker, Nightwalker


Early bird

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  1. Bud C

    What happened to the world “Somnambulist “?


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