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June 13, 2022

Noob / noun / no͞ob/

The word of the day today is definitely going to be familiar to the gaming community, but can also be used in other contexts: noob.


(n.) a person who is inexperienced on a particular topic or activity, especially associated with activities involving computers or the internet

In a Sentence

I'm a noob when it comes to Diablo; I've only ever played League of Legends.

I hate playing with noobs; it takes too much time to teach them how to play so we don't suck.


The word noob has English origins in the 21st century and is actually a shortened version of the word newbie.


New, Beginner


Experienced, Advanced

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  1. Don Rast

    That’s so cool because I am seventy seven and now I know nood is me when my co workers rap with me! Lessons are great I’m a nood now getting texts and tweets from people I don’t even know! I’m not a megabyte nood!!!! haha


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