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August 26, 2021



  • a person who recently acquired wealth
  • a wealthy upstart
  • a newly rich person
  • a person from a low social class who has just acquired a lot of wealth and likes to show it by being publicly extravagant.

Etymology: The noun nouveau riche has its origin from a French phrase meaning new rich. It dates back to 1813; however, the idea goes back to the ancient Greek concept of neo-Ploutos. Moreover, its use was earliest documented in 1796. Nevertheless, nouveau-riche (nouveaux riches in plural) is a derogatory term meant to mock rich people who do not have the knack to spend it in a classy way.

In a Sentence

The seafood restaurant around the corner is popular with the city’s nouveau riche.

The nouveau riche couple from New Jersey battled against the museum keeper for the ancient painting during the old house clearance sale.

I am the only old-fashioned individual in this city of nouveau riche values and consumer durables.


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