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October 23, 2021

Ogle /ō-gəl/ verb 

Definition: Ogle is a glance that invites or challenges amorous feelings. Looking at with greed or interest, as in looking at someone who is already in love. Provocatively eyeing or eyeing in a sexual way. Remember the scene in a movie where the guys all turn on their seats while they watch a pretty girl enter a bar? Those are classic ogling moments.

When you ogle those high-end shoes or that new sports car, you’re using the verb ogle most often to refer to the way people gaze at each other. A common example is the practice of men ogling women much more frequently than women ogling men. 

Etymology: Oeglen originates in 1680s German and means “to look at.”  

In a Sentence

Edwards is a man of unwavering integrity.

Every good leader has two important qualities; integrity and courage.

In the event of an earthquake, the integrity of the home’s foundation can easily be compromised.


Leer, Gawk


Overlook, Ignore


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