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September 27, 2021

Definition: Something that is relating to the sense of smell.

Etymology: It’s use started in the 17th century, with its Latin root being that of “Olfacere,” which means to smell. Common references include Olfactory Receptors and Olfactory Sensation. The word appears more often in scientific contexts, but sometimes it is used in less specialized ways and can refer to general things like a pleasant smell.

In a Sentence

1) I went to a special university in Philadelphia so that I could do olfactory research on the effects of certain smells and their ability to heighten memory function in the brain.

2) Wow, it sure is an olfactory delight to smell such wonderful food that is being prepared by my exceptional mother for Thanksgiving tonight. I can’t wait till I can taste the food instead of just smelling it from the living room.

3) The olfactory nerves are the system of nerves that passes from the nose to the brain. This is what allows us to have the sensation of smell. We can then store that information in the brain to help us remember smells and be more aware of our surroundings.


Aromatic, Fragrant


Anosmia, Senselessness


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