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December 15, 2022


Omphalos is a noun that describes the center or hub of something. It can also refer to a round stone used to represent the navel of the Earth in ancient Greek mythology, typically from Delphi. 

In A Sentence 

I’d love to visit the omphalos sometime; since that’s where life began, I’m sure there are plenty of wonders to explore and discover.

In most metro areas and big cities, the bus stations and transit areas seem to be the omphalos and gathering places of the community.

The omphalos is typically the hot spot for bustling people but is also the name of a Greek artifact, representing the center of the Earth.


The word omphalos has Greek origins, with a literal translation to mean navel or boss. This word originates from the 1850s to mean navel specifically, but then later also developed to mean hub. The navel of the Earth is also known as the center of the Earth, where it is said that terrestrial life began. The omphalos is an ancient Greek artifact in the form of a round stone, found at Delphi, Greece, but is now a monument used to represent the center of the Earth or the hub.


Center, Hub


Left, Right


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