August 31, 2021


The definition of ostentatious is “showy or pretentious.” You can define ostentatious as “excessive display” or “too much emphasis on appearance rather than substance.” In the context of fine art, it can also refer to works created to demonstrate wealth. In the fashion and luxury goods context, ostentatious describes flashy and extravagant items used for public display to impress others. In short, it is the term used to describe a lavish lifestyle that includes expensive clothes and cars.

Noun — Ostentation

Adverb — Ostentatiously/Ostensibly

Etymology: The word ostentatious is from the Latin word ostendere, meaning “to show.” It means something that is done for show or to attract attention. It is from the English word “ostent,” meaning “display of something.” People have changed the meaning of this word over time. It now refers to those who use their money and power to gain attention.

In a Sentence

Maurice wanted to show off his ostentatious new car.

It is such an ostentatious building.

The king put on an ostentatious feast.


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