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August 10, 2021


The word paradigm means something that has been established or accepted by a group for practice or use. The word paradigm has two definitions: An established pattern or model that guides thinking, planning, or discussion. A fundamental assumption of an idea is often combined with other assumptions to form a theory.

Adjective – paradigmatic

Adverb – paradigmatically

Etymology: The word paradigm originates from Greek, which means shape or form. It suggests that paradigms follow some rules and patterns to represent reality effectively. It is a Greek word that stands for example or model. It is a standard that people follow to generate something or understand a particular concept.

In a Sentence

The time is ripe for a paradigm shift in our thinking.

Every day we are faced with new paradigms and ideas which challenge us and our preconceived notions.

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  1. Leo Rettig

    Good word!


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