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December 3, 2021

Paraxox /pŏl’ə-mər/ noun

Definition: A paradox is something a person says that is so crazy and unbelievable you couldn’t possibly think it’s true, but it turns out to be a true statement. A paradox could also be used the other way around. 

Etymology: The term paradox originally started in Greece. The word was separated so that it looked like para- and doxa. When they put these two terms together, the word became paradoxon. It started out as a neuter adjective term, but it is also called a noun.

In a Sentence

It’s a paradox that I wound up having a twin sister.

When I received my grade, I thought it would be a paradox that I would get an A. 

In a sudden change of plans, it turns out to be a paradox that I would finally have a baby


Conflict, Inconsistency


Truth, Understanding


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